PIRO UNIVERSAL panel covering - three-layer aluminum laminate (paper/foil/film).

Thermal conductivity coefficient λD = 0.022 W/mK.

PIRO UNIVERSAL is the most popular and universal board type, mostly used for wall and roof insulation.

Usage options:

  • insulation of external walls;

  • warming of internal walls and ceilings by covering them with plasterboard, wood chips or furniture panels;

  • warming of pitched roofs;

  • insulation of walls, including three-layer masonry, as well as insulation of cold verandas and terraces;

  • insulation of flat roofs using PVC coating;

  • insulation of attics and ceilings, ceilings above unheated basements and cellars;

  • foundation and floor heating;

  • warming of balconies and loggias.

Suitable for three-layer masonry walls and ventilated facades, as well as floor and foundation insulation. These panels are covered on both sides with a tight three-layer aluminum laminate, which acts as a vapor barrier, so no additional vapor and wind films are needed in this case. PIRO UNIVERSAL panels ensure the tightness of the building, which leads to energy efficiency.

Panels can be smooth-edged, without a profile (or otherwise "I" profile), with an "L" profile and with a "C" profile. Without a profile, it is more often used when laying in several layers with an overlap, with an L profile - one layer, with a C profile - one layer for thicknesses from 100 to 200 mm. The standard panel dimensions are 2,400 x 1,200mm (can also be 1,200 x 1,200mm and 1,200 x 600mm), thickness - from 50mm to 200mm.