PIRO FIBERGLASS panel coating - fiberglass, most suitable for plastered facades, bituminous roof coverings, partitions, concreting.

Thermal conductivity coefficient λD = 0.023 W/mK.

Usage Options:

  • insulation of plastered facades;

  • insulation of external walls;

  • wall insulation from the inside;

  • floor heating;

  • warming of balconies, loggias, walls and ceilings;

  • external insulation of plinths for later plastering and gluing of clinker tiles;

  • insulation of attic floors, ceilings above unheated rooms and basements;

  • insulation of flat non-operational roofs of industrial, public and other facilities with bituminous or polymeric waterproofing and adhesive fixing.

Panels can be smooth-edged, without a profile (or otherwise "I" profile), with an "L" profile and with a "C" profile.

Without a profile, it is more often used when laying in several layers with an overlap, with an L profile - one layer, with a C profile - one layer for thicknesses from 100 to 200 mm. The standard panel dimensions are 2,400x1,200mm (can be 1,200x1,200mm and 1,200x600mm), thickness - from 50mm to 200mm.